US Brig Niagara kicks off sailing season with first of many daysails

Sunday marked the start of sailing season as The US Brig Niagara and its crew were set to go on its first daysail of the year.

Captain William Sabatini said that staff has been working hard to make sure that The Niagara would be ready by today, and he’s excited to return to open waters.

He said that they’re planning on doing about 30 daysails this year, their most since 2018.

“We want people to come down, go sailing, and experience what it’s like to be on a war of 1812, 19th century sailing ship. here in our community that we have the Brig Niagara,” said William Sabatini, executive director & fleet captain of the Flagship Niagara League.

Sabatini was recognized as Sail Trainer of The Year by Tall Ships America and is preparing for their college history program this week where students will sail for two weeks, learning the history of the Great Lakes.

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