Rare raccoon spotted in Ohio park

by: Danielle Langenfeld



CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJWs) — A rare raccoon was spotted in Cleveland Metroparks Olmsted Falls, Ohio, resident Tammy Stevens said she saw the critter, which appears to be an albino raccoon, on Mother’s Day.

According to the Cleveland Museum of Natural Historyonly 1 in every 10-20,000 raccoons is born with albinism, an inherited genetic condition that lacks pigment in the hair, skin, and eyes.

While albino animals are certainly unusual to see, their presence in and around northeast Ohio has been documented across social media and by local news outlets.

Millcreek Metroparks in Youngstown has been home to several white deer over the years.

Just last year, WJW reported on three baby deer born just outside of Millcreek Metroparks, including one that was albino.

Other animals with the rare color pigment that have made news headlines include an albino porcupine in Mainean albino swell shark in Mexicoand an albino turtle in Australiajust to name a few.

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