Police officers from across Erie County gather to honor fallen officers

The Erie Community is joining various police departments throughout the region honoring the lives of 14 City of Erie police officers who died in the line of duty.

14 City of Erie Police Officers and eight officers throughout the county were being remembered as their courage and service to the community was celebrated.

Police departments from Millcreek Township, Wesleyville borough, and more came together to stand with the City of Erie Police Department and honor 14 of their fallen officers.

“We’re honoring our fallen officers the men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice we’re not only here to honor them but we’re here to celebrate for their service,” said Rick Lorah, Deputy Chief of Erie Police.

Eight fallen officers throughout the county were also being honored in the ceremony.

“It’s very nice to see members of the state police here, a lot of different county departments, I saw some Erie City firefighters, some fellow responders and it’s very nice and it’s humbling,” said Garrett Reinsel, president of the William Tyler Memorial Lodge #64.

Lorah said the support from the departments comes as no surprise.

“We’re a very tight-knit group of law enforcement and we always support each other and all the departments support each other not only here today, but the surrounding agencies we support each other back each other up on calls,” Deputy Chief Lorah said.

Mayor Schemer said he is happy to see the support and unity come together throughout the community for these fallen officers.

“I don’t think there’s anything harder to get over than the loss of somebody that you love, especially if they lost it in the line of duty much younger than they should have died,” Mayor Schemer said.

“The more we can all work together, we’ve got a lot of different police departments just kind of in this general area, the more we can work together the more we can accomplish and help each other out,” Mayor Schember went on to say.

Schemer said the event continues to be moving and meaningful every year.

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