Penn State Behrend turns trash to treasure with sale to benefit United Way

College finals are over, and the semester has finally come to an end and one university took the time to offer bargains while benefiting the environment.

The 12th annual Trash to Treasure event took place at Penn State Behrend’s Junker Center. It’s an end-of-semester sale that’s free and open to the public.

Many of the items in the sale were donated by Behrend students as they moved out of resident halls and apartments.

“This event started as a way to avoid trashing materials as students move out, but we get a lot of donations from the community as well,” said Sherri Mason, director of sustainability at Penn State Behrend.

Mason describes this event as a giant indoor garage sale. All proceeds benefit the United Way of Erie to help the organization with their mission.

“The first United Nations Sustainable Development goal is no poverty and that is what United Way of Erie is completely focused on so it’s a perfect synergy,” Mason said.

Anna smith is a student at Behrend that just completed her freshman year.As smith was moving out, she saw the donation bins and decided to come out to take a look.

“I just figured it would be a great opportunity because everything is an offer payment so if you think something is worth like five dollars than you can just five dollars. And everything’s donated so it’s going to a great cause,” Anna Smith said.

One student came just to look, but with a wide variety, she left with a bag full of items.

“I found some couple cows because I love cows and a jewelry box and there’s a bunch of books over there for sale also,” Smith told us.

“I think it’s important not only for us to talk the talk but to walk the walk. So, to be doing and putting into practice the things that we talk about in class and what we think about as human beings but actually participating in them its Incredibly exciting and important,” Mason explained.

All of the left-over items were donated to the Salvation Army.

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