Our West Bayfront celebrates success in revitalizing neighborhood

A local nonprofit is celebrating its success in the community while looking ahead at what still needs to be done in Our West Bayfront neighborhoods.

The executive director Anna Frantz said today’s community update with Our West Bayfront is to take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishments that the community has made together over the last six years in the work of revitalizing the West Bayfront neighborhoods.

Frantz says the nonprofit thanks to their partners for all that’s been contributed, but there is still work to do.

The chair of Our West Bayfront says their upcoming events will continue their mission in those neighborhoods.

“We are ready to really jump into our events calendar for the rest of the year. We have several properties that we are ready to rehabilitate to provide low income quality housing for neighbors. There are a number of projects, if you took a look at the boards, there are a number of projects that are in different stages of completion,” said Candace Battles, chair, Our West Bayfront Board of Directors.

For a list of upcoming events with Our West Bayfront, visit ourwestbayfront.org/events/.

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