New additions coming to Erie County Veterans Memorial Park

You may have noticed some construction on Glenwood Park Ave. as improvements are coming to the Erie County Veterans Memorial Park.

The plan is for these renovations to be completed by Memorial Day on May 29.

Back in 2019, a nonprofit was created to acquire the property at the intersection of West 26th Street and Glenwood Park Ave. Now, the group is one step closer to accomplishing its vision for the Veterans Memorial Park.

One community leader and Vietnam veteran said they are implementing a parking lot and walkways to make the park more welcoming.

“We’re going to encourage people to become part of this park. This is a nice place for peace and tranquility for somebody to be able to go and walk on these walkways. There’s going to be benches and there’s going to be pole lamps, so it’s going to really be neat,” said Ken Kensill, Erie County Veterans Memorial Park.

Kensill added this Memorial Day there will be a ceremony on Monday at 2 pm

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