Manhunt underway for two inmates who escaped from a Philadelphia correctional facility

The search continues for the two inmates that escaped from a Philadelphia prison on Sunday evening.

At around 8:30 pm, 24-year-old Nassir Grant and 18-year-old Ameen Hurst cut a hole through the fence, and escaped from the Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center.

The men escaped on Sunday night, but the prison says they didn’t notice they were missing until Monday afternoon. Now the Department of Prisons is scrambling to review security tapes, visitor logs and staff assignments from that night to figure out what went wrong and how two inmates were able to escape.

In preliminary information from PDP, both men left undetected because there were no armed guards manning the exterior of the building due to a suspected staff shortage.

According to information from Mayor Kenney’s office, a forged report was shared online stating that “both incarcerated people were able to leave the grounds undetected because of a post being closed due to temporary staff shortage per the order of the executive office.”. The PDP executive office denies these claims and says this information is inaccurate.

The PDP investigative team is reviewing surveillance footage leading up to, during, and after the escape until the time that the inmates were discovered missing.

According to PDP, facilities will remain on lockdown through Friday so that staff can do a thorough review, but they say the entire investigation could take days to complete.

Philadelphia Police say Hurst is charged with four homicides and the public is urged to stay on alert as both men are considered dangerous.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s office says its working with Governor Shapiro to bring in the PDP to conduct a vulnerability assessment.

District Attorney Larry Krasner issued a statement on the incident.

“The DA’s Office is in contact with the families impacted by the homicides we allege were committed by Ameen Hurst, as well as witnesses who may be called to provide testimony at trial. retaliation is of the highest importance to our prosecutors and to the DA’s Victim Support Services Division.”

He also says his office is in constant contact with Philadelphia police as they work to return the inmates to custody.

PDP officials also say they’re committed to finding any procedural failures that allowed the inmates to escape.

The city has set a reward for $20,000 for any information that leads to an arrest of either escaped inmate, and the US Marshal’s Service is offering a $5,000 reward per inmate.

If you have any information about Ameen Hurst or Nasir Grant contact the US Marshals Service at 1-800-336-0102 or Philadelphia Police at 215-686-TIPS (8477).

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