Fred Biletnikoff joins Erie School District staff, students for groundbreaking ceremony

Students and faculty across the Erie School District were celebrating the beginning of a multi-million-dollar project.

That project includes a special guest appearance from the sports legend the field is named after.

After more than 30 years, upgrades are coming to Biletnikoff Field located at 400 West 32nd Street.

Fred Biletnikoff himself said Erie School District students deserve a better place to practice and compete. He hopes the new athletic facility will be a space that students can proud of.

“I’m so happy that the school board finally got this through, and they got some money to build a facility that’s really going to help so many kids, young men and women, to make them feel like they’re special, which they are special. Give them some place special to perform on. That’s what I’m happy about,” said Biletnikoff.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer and Tech Memorial alum visited Erie High for this groundbreaking ceremony.

It’s a $6 million project that includes a regulation size all-weather track, stadium seating, and new artificial turf.

The athletic director of the Erie School District said she’s excited to see how these improvements benefit the lives of students across the city.

“We have three track athletes who are leaving momentarily to go to states, so to think that three of them made it to states without a track, without a high jump pit, without a place to do hurdles, is amazing. actually happens when we have those things here,” said Dale Mills, athletic director for Erie’s Public Schools.

Tamaya Larkin is a one of the students going to states, competing in the 300m hurdles. She said these renovations are much needed to boost morale. Biletnikoff agrees.

“It’s going to be a lot better actually running on an actual track and having having meets at Erie High instead of always traveling and not being able to have a home meet so, I’m excited,” said Tamaya Larkin, Erie High student.

“I’m at a big time facility, I’m performing on a great track, on a great field you know, just the whole atmosphere that you’re creating it means a lot,” Biletnikoff stated.

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