Erie families celebrate mom on her special day

Mother’s Day is a day to remember and thank the mother’s and all women who support us like mothers each year.

There were all kinds of events and Mother’s Day specials around the city Sunday.

Though it can be a tough time for many people, those who can celebrate and appreciate mom do it in several ways.

People chose to celebrate the special women in their lives in many ways. Some chose to enjoy a day out while others looked to have a more relaxed day at home.

One mom said that no matter how old their children get, kids always need a mom.

“Even today, all day, carrying my four-year-old around who’s big enough to walk but needs her momma,” said Ashleigh Doyle, a local mom.

Being a mom is no easy task and is an endless job; and sometimes people face complications through childbirth like one Erie mom who wondered if she would ever be able to have children.

“I actually have a congenital heart disease so I never thought that I would be able to have kids. So being able to have two healthy children has been one of the greatest blessings,” said Julie Shanahan, another local mom.

The birth of Shanahan’s first child faced complications but finds being a mom so rewarding.

“Growing up watching them get older, learn more, and become their own person every day is really what it’s all about,” Shanahan said.

We spoke with one family that let us into their home where four generations of family were present.

We spoke with one 93-year-old great grandma who has had many people call her mom and grandma, having 16 grandchildren and over 20 great grandchildren.

“I’m blessed,” said Phyllis Locastro, mom, grandma and great grandma. “I had five and they’re all grown up and all my grandchildren. I’m so happy.”

We’d like to wish all of the moms, grandmas, and special women who have paved the way for loved one’s a happy Mother’s Day.

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