Erie County Council votes on tabled ordinances during special meeting

Erie County Council gathered for a special meeting Friday afternoon that lasted nearly two hours.

Erie County Council held a special meeting to discuss ordinances that were previously tabled. The Brenton Davis administration argued that council needed to vote on these ordinances before their next meeting.

However, three council members feel as though the votes were rushed.

“It was important to us that we get the approved change from council so that we could post the appropriate position and move on and not have managers stuck with vacant positions and create inefficiencies and problems and lack of service,” said Doug Smith, county director of administration.

“It always is a case of hurry up we need this yesterday, and that’s what this turned into. But I didn’t see any reason for it to be rushed. There wasn’t any savings coming to the county, there wasn’t any immediate crisis that they could identify,” said County Councilwoman Mary Rennie.

Council will meet next month on June 13 for a scheduled meeting.

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