Drunk driving simulation paints picture of the consequences you can face

Students of a local high school showcased a fake drunk driving simulation to warn their peers of the consequences of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

The simulation by Fort LeBoeuf High School students showed a car crash after prom where a student is driving while impaired and the aftermath.

The group, FLB, that held the mock accident is a mental health and drug awareness club that discusses situations involving drugs and alcohol and prevention.

One student said this is the first time this kind of simulation is being held at the school and hopes the message resonates with her peers.

“Things like this can happen. Obviously, we hope not, but it is very dangerous to drink and drive, and we just want people to know that it’s a big thing that could happen,” said Norah Weiss, junior at Fort LeBoeuf High School .

The group thanked local EMS, state police, fire departments and other groups that helped spread their message.

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