Dr. Ian Roberts speaks out for first time since his resignation announcement

The superintendent of the Millcreek Township School District spoke for the first time since announcing his resignation last Friday.

On June 30, Dr. Ian Roberts is stepping down as superintendent to become superintendent of Des Moines Public Schools, the largest public school district in Iowa.

Dr. Roberts started in the height of the pandemic. He is leaving at the three-year mark of a five-year contract. Dr. Roberts will work with the school board to find his replacement and ensure a seamless transition.

He says that resigning is one of the hardest, most difficult professional decisions that he has ever made.

“This is a community that will be relentless about making decisions and doing what is right by its children. It’s the kind of community that any person who aspires to the Superintendency will want to serve in. I enjoyed my time here and I’m certainly going to miss all of those interactions with our almost 7,000 students,” said Dr. Roberts.

He expressed his confidence in the ability of the board and other staff members as he departed.

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