Classroom fire temporarily closes down Elk Valley Elementary School

A local elementary school closed down after a fire broke out Sunday evening.

At about 9:30 pm on May 14, a fire broke out inside a first-grade classroom at Elk Valley Elementary School in Lake City.

The fire started from an ongoing science experiment involving heating lamps used to hatch baby chicks.

“What we have found is that even though the fire was contained to one classroom, because of our first responders did a fantastic job for us, there is smoke damage throughout the building. going to be,” said Donna Miller, superintendent of Girard School District.

For now, kids still be staying home.

“Later on in the end of the week, we will have a better idea about that. We are working with the Department of Education and the crews that we have already called in…to do the cleanup of the building,” Miller added.

The school police officer said most of the attention these days is focused on school safety in regard to violence.

“On an everyday basis, we’re more likely to have a utility failure or a fire or a gas leak or something of that nature, so it’s a good thing that we do prepare for these things. like that so we are prepared,” said Nathan Spike, Girard School District police officer

He said throughout the year, the school conducts eight to ten fire drills and evacuations.

Nobody was injured and nobody was in the school at the time of the fire.

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