Applications open to Erieites interested in joining the police force

Members of the Erie Police Department and Mercyhurst University’s Municipal Police Academy are training people that are looking to join the force and serve the community.

The application for the Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Police Consortium is now open. Participants will be tested on physical and cognitive ability, along with a written test.

The consortium administrator said the tests will be administered all in one day, with the physical test taking place first, and then the written test a few hours later.

Once the written test is passed, participant names will be added to the roster of certified applicants, which will then be distributed to all police departments in the region.

The inspector of the Erie Police Department said he encourages anyone interested in serving the community to apply and to not be discouraged if you do not pass the first time.

“If you think that you need to serve the community, that’s a calling that most people don’t have. So if you’re starting to get that itch, I can only imagine that over time it’s going to grow. anybody to come and take the test,” said Christopher Janus, inspector, City of Erie Police Department.

“The test comes out every year, so if this is your first time taking the test you can find out what your deficiencies are, where you need to improve. Then if you take it next year, you have a better chance,” Janus continued .

Applications will remain open until June 30 and are available online.

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